Questions You Should Ask – Before Hiring an Application Developer

Does your company want an application developer? Do you want to increase your revenue by hiring the right mobile application developer? If yes, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help.

Here are few important questions you should ask application developers before you make that final pick.

What are Your Current Projects?

Eager and skilled application developers will be delighted to show you their creations. They will have plenty of links and a strong portfolio to prove their talent. Qualified application developers are expected to have at least one product in Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Google’s Android Store and Blackberry App World. By seeing their existing apps, you will be able to gauge their skillset. You will have a better insight into their vision and experience.

Who are Your Clients?

It is quite interesting to note that skilled application developers will not think twice to give you their past and current clients. In fact, they will be happy to talk to you with their clients. Checking client references is a smart way of judging the developer’s results. For example, you can verify if the project was delivered within time and budget. Additionally, you will be able to check if they know how to work under pressure.

Application Developer
Application Developer

Do you have a Smartphone?

As funny as it sounds, it is wise to ask about the kind of smartphones the application developer uses. An answer to this question will help you know how knowledgeable and passionate the developer is. If you are looking for mobile application developers, this question will be of great help. If the developer tells you that they are good in building applications for the iPhone – they should have an iPhone! This theory works well for Blackberry and Android too!

How can We Make Money?

If you are hiring to increase your revenue, the developer should be able to tell you more about how mobile apps can improve profits. They should be capable of building features that can increase your app’s traffic.

Moving on, ask them about their ambitions and long term goals! Check if they are truly creative and innovative. Figure out if the developer has bells and whistles to increase the fame of your business.

How Do you Communicate?

Application development is an interesting journey that involves lots of communication. This is why your application developer should have sound communication skills. Understand more about his/her style of communicating. Check if the developer prefers face-to-face talks, skype, emails or instant messages. This way, you can verify if the application developer falls in line with your development process.